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At Shoalwater Chiropractic we are committed to fast, effective long lasting results.

Our Team Will:

    • Listen to your goals and health concerns
    • Take you through an exceptional physical and diagnostic exam.
    • We’ll get to the cause of the problem.
    • Arrange FREE spinal X-rays (only if required)
    • Present a clear diagnose and a very honest prognosis
    • Design a custom care plan just for you
    • Provide relevant stretches, exercises, guidance, fun and motivation
    • See you reach your goals

What This Means:

  • Less time in pain
  • Less time required at the chiropractor
  • More money in your pocket
  • More laughter and time spent enjoying the things you love to do.
  • We are also affiliated with great personal trainers and yoga instructors who are also committed to helping you live on your terms and further your dreams.

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helping you find a pain-free tomorrow

|Dr. Erica Hilton

I was introduced to Chiropractic when I sought care for a back injury after a motor vehicle accident, and experienced major improvements in not only my pain and symptoms, but also my state of mind, energy levels and general wellbeing. This inspired me to become a chiropractor!

I graduated from Murdoch University with a Bachelor of Chiropractic and received the award for “Best academic performance in the five years of coursework in Chiropractic”. 

Post-graduate studies include the Diplomate in Chiropractic Paediatrics, with a focus on supporting childrens growing bodies and rapidly developing nervous systems, to give them the best possible chance to reach their full potential in life.

Sports Chiropractic is another special interest, and I proudly sponsor a number of local sporting teams, helping them to improve sporting performance and decrease the risk of injury.

Before Chiropractic, I studied Naturopathy, Remedial massage and Bowen Therapy, so I have a very well rounded and holistic view of health.

Dr. Erica Hilton – Chiropractor

B.Sc (Chiro), B.Chiro, Dip.Rem Therapies

|Dr. Annique Smith

After experiencing first hand the benefits of seeing a chiropractor I was eager to pursue it as a career. I graduated from Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Chiropractic and a Bachelor of Clinical Chiropractic (BClinChiro). My focus is on evidence based, patient-centred care covering a range of musculoskeletal conditions.

I combine chiropractic adjustments with various soft tissue techniques including trigger point, massage and dry needling therapy as well as a range of low-force techniques including biomechanical blocking, drop piece, kinesiotape and activator technique. My special interests include geriatric, paediatric and sports care”

Dr. Annique Smith – Chiropractor


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